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The Forest Enterprise Resource Project (FERP) is a collaborative effort among Northeast Forests, LLC, the Northeastern Loggers’ Association, the Forest Enterprise Institute and the Northeast Forest Education Initiative.  This purpose of the project is to create and distribute useful software and references for forest-based small businesses. 

As resources are developed, they will be posted on this page.

The Hardwood Log Desktop Reference Book

Click the link above to download a free copy of this publication.  This useful reference contains hundreds of tables pertaining to hardwood logs, including log rules, deduction tables, and printable log value tables for making comparisons of bucking alternatives.  Also included are several spreadsheet utilities to help with scaling comparisons and valuation of logs.


Surewood – The Forest Products & Measurements Converter

Click the link above to download a free copy of Surewood.  This MS Excel based utility makes all sorts of useful forestry and wood products conversions and contains many informative public domain publications.

Woody Biomass Estimator – Beta Version

Click the link above to download and test a free copy of the beta version of the Woody Biomass Estimator Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet allows you to calculate whole tree weights (mixed hardwoods, mixed softwood, beech, soft maple) from timber cruise tally summaries or point sampling data.

Forest Products: What are they and how do we get them?

Click the link above to download and examine a circulating draft of Forest Products: What are they and how do we get them?  This publication explains forest measurements, the intermediate products that come form the forest and the harvesting process.  This publication is suitable for educational purposes in working with landowners and technical school students.  Comments and criticisms are welcome. 


Funding for FERP comes from each of the collaborators, as well as a grant from the USDA Forest Service’s Wood Education Resource Center.


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